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Shadow P | Beyond Your Imagination

Shadow P gives a new chapter in Asian BDSM community, the largest and most professional BDSM rental playroom in Asia. All of our facilities are imported from Europe, US, UK, JP with the highest quality, which make sure the most perfect experience to you.

We also provide professional BDSM photography and lecture , as well as performance venues for rental.

Shadow P was officially held in Taiwan in August 2017. We are located in the heart of Taipei, with privacy and convenience.

Shadow P is a fully equipped BDSM playroom : fetish, uniform, leather, rubber, slaves, dog slaves, tied up, etc, and we provide Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese multi-language services.

Shadow P | 充滿無盡的想像

Shadow P 在亞洲地區開創 BDSM 界的全新里程


我們擁有最具專業的調教空間出租;所有的器材與設備引進於歐洲、美國、英國及日本等地。為的就是讓同好們都能享受到最高品質的體驗與服務。此外,我們也提供專業的 BDSM 攝影方案以及空間出租(不包含過夜);讓喜好 BDSM 的你/妳,能透過攝影留下美好的回憶。


Shadow P 正式於2017年8月成立



設備最完整 BDSM 調教空間





為了我們的服務更國際化,中、英、日文是主要的語言服務,讓不同國家的 BDSM 同好都能無障礙的溝通。

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